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If you're ready to see improvement in your vision this class is for you!

Spring Classes

The spring vision classes have been postponed until it is considered safer to gather in groups. I am hoping this is possible soon.  If you are interested I suggest you send me an email expressing your interest and I will let you know when the new date is set. 

In the meantime, for people who are eager to begin working on their vision I am offering private sessions online or on the phone. 

Date:  Thursday,
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


The focus is on seeing immediate improvement - personal confirmation that it works.  Your learning  will always take place within a relaxed and comfortable state to ensure maximum effectiveness and healing.  You will work at your own pace to gain maximum facility in acquiring the skills that work for you personally.

Each week you will learn new tools and more importantly how to fit them into your personal lifestyle easily and comfortably.

Overall View - What you will learn

You will learn how to pay attention to your vision through mindfulness.  You will experience the power of relaxed eyes and how easily they can move.  Relaxed moveable eyes see more clearly.  You will also experience the mind/body connection - letting go of mental and physical tension improves your vision.  As your eyes and your mind begin to relax, images become clearer.  You will also learn some basic anatomy and theory that explains why this is so.  We will talk about glasses and their correct use to facilitate reducing your prescription and potentially ceasing to use them.

You have the opportunity to explore the mental and emotional connections to poor  vision.  You will learn about binocularity and explore how well your eyes work together.  You learn how to work with your eyes separately, and how to know if your eyes are functioning together at the optimum level.  This is called binocularity or eye teaming and is critical for clear and easy seeing.

Who will be there?

The class is  small with lots of individual attention and you are encouraged to move at your own pace in a relax way so that you learn and experience what you personally need to in order to move forward with improving your vision.




We will use the Bates Method, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement and Sounder Sleep System™.

Your Teacher

Alexandra has been using and teaching Natural Vision Education since 2002.  She is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a gifted and intuitive practitioner who brings a playful attitude and perceptive approach to creating openings for learning and change.


More Information

If you would like a free phone consultation about your vision and an opportunity to ask questions about the workshop call me 416-923-3893.  Let's talk.

Date: Thursday TBA, see note above.
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Fee: 8 week series $350 -  Includes 8 two hour classes, materials and one private 60 minute Feldenkrais or Craniosacral session to assess the impact of movement patterns and tension on your vision.

Registration: Alexandra - 416-923-3893

It’s time you knew you have a choice about your vision!

What previous participants are saying

"It was excellent - a lot better than I thought it would be - it was so encouraging.  I saw changes right away - things got clearer.  I learned so much about myself.  It was fun."  L.M., Toronto

"I've been doing sketching almost every morning when I get up & enjoying seeing first colours, then shapes more & more clearly!"  C.P., Toronto

"I can't believe how quickly this works.  I loved walking at lunchtime without my glasses and seeing the trees."   D.D., Burlington

"I've been looking for help and finally I got it here."  J. G., Brampton

"Thanks very much for a fine and effective course."  M.K., Toronto

"I was so surprised that relaxing my eyes helps me see better.  I always  thought I had to squint and tense my eyes to get better sight.  The emotional insights were profound and beyond anything I expected.  All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing and skillfully presented weekend."  D.Q., Toronto


If you’re discouraged about your vision, afraid that it’s just the way it is and you can’t change it, you’re lacking accurate information and experience.  With the right information and experience the choice is yours. Knowledge empowers you to take effective action to improve your vision.

This presentation introduces you to the three essentials of clear seeing; how and why it really is possible to improve your vision, reduce your prescription and/or get rid of your glasses.

If you’re ready to connect to the preciousness of your vision and experience the joy of clear seeing; you will leave feeling encouraged and empowered.

There are no presentations currently scheduled.  If you would like me to come to your group, workplace or school to offer this presentation call for details - Alexandra 416-923-3893.


“Alexandra, a warm thank-you for the educational, inspiring and insightful vision presentation you provided for our Women's Wellness Circle.  We greatly appreciated how you made it relevant to our daily lives and experiential so we could take home tools to use immediately to improve our near and far vision.” 


Host a Vision Workshop or class with five people and you attend free.  More than 5 and you also receive a complimentary Feldenkrais or Craniosacral session.

This is perfect Workplace Wellness Days or if you have family and friends who want to learn together.

To find out more call Alexandra at 416-923-3893 or email.



Private session are 1½  hours in length and scheduled by appointment.They can be done in person, online or by phone.