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Private sessions using Feldenkrais Functional Integration or Craniosacral Therapy are booked by private appointment.  To determine which is most effective for your condition contact Alexandra (416-923-3893) for a free phone consultation.

Both of these methods are gentle, potent hands-on work done fully clothed while lying on a table.  They are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  

In each session I listen carefully to what has brought you to my office, your needs and your desired outcomes before proceeding with your session.  To find out more about each modality click the links below.


Craniosacral Therapy


Feldenkrais Functional Integration


Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

The Feldenkais Method is also taught in sensory awareness classes called Awareness Through Movement.  These classes are both a training in body awareness and an opportunity to change your movement patterns and your brain. They begin by allowing time to sense yourself.  You are then lead, by verbal instructions, through a number of variations on a particular movement theme.  Each variation makes the previous one easier.  These classes are an opportunity to find your own internal connections and to let go of the places of holding that cause restriction and pain.  You move at your own pace and the classes are non-threatening and fun.  My classes are small allowing for maximum individual attention.  For class schedule click on link above.