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Take the next step to where you want to be in your life


Are mental, emotional, physical or spiritual symptoms disrupting your life and your sense of well-being? 

You are a unique being at the centre of your own healing. 

In a welcoming, warm and safe environment uncover, explore and heal the root causes  of your issues.  

Open to the truth of who you are, embrace the truth of your life, and create a more comfortable, productive and fulfilling present and future. 

Approach and Training

Alexandra is a Registered Psychotherapist who integrates mindfulness and compassion-based systems of psychotherapy and meditation, with contemporary psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma work, and well-being psychology.

She has been studying human growth, as well as many forms of healing and meditation for four decades.  She holds a diploma in Contemplative Psychotherapy, has completed a year of Expressive Arts Therapy training, and is trained in trauma work.  She is an accredited EFT practitioner. 

She brings to each session a profound capacity to attune to you and to what you bring to therapy, creating a safe and supportive place for opening, learning, and healing.  She comes ready to meet you where you are.


Ongoing well-being is critical to effect healing and doesn’t need to wait until your current issues are resolved.  Mind, body, energy and breath techniques allow you to experience well-being now, and offer a layer of support and resourcing to your therapy process as it develops.

Trauma Healing with the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

The roots of our problems are often found in unresolved trauma, dysfunctional family of origin (including the effects of intergenerational trauma), and insecure attachment.  These effects manifest in a variety of current time problems including insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional dysregulation, dysfunctional thought patterns, relationship discord, separation and/or divorce, career dissatisfaction, isolation and loneliness, illness, and chronic long-term stress. 

CRM is a safe and effective method for the healing of trauma.  It is built on a deep trust in the wisdom of the body and an understanding of the imperative of providing abundant ‘resourcing’ allowing you to stay grounded and present during therapeutic work.  This resourcing is multi-layered and provides the tools needed to safely process trauma whether a single incident or ongoing developmental trauma.

It includes 'ego state' work and a variety of attunement processes that facilitate attachment repair and deep healing for all aspects of the self, including child and infant parts, and in utero states.

For more information about CRM visit http://comprehensiveresourcemodel.com/


If you wish to contact Alexandra to assess whether she is a good fit for you please call her at 416-923-3893.

Alexandra draws from a wealth of psychotherapeutic theories and techniques, including relational psychotherapy, neuroscience as it relates to mental and emotional health disturbances, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory as laid out by Dan Siegel M.D., repair of attachment disruption, trauma healing, and a variety of meditation and breathing techniques including mindfulness and compassion training as they relate to psychotherapy.  She brings to her work  a deep practice of presence and unconditional positive regard, supported by over 35 years of personal meditation, mindfulness and compassion-based practices with a number of teachers in a variety of retreat settings.