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If you're ready to see improvement in your vision this class is for you!

Date:  Thursday, January 28 to March 18, 2021
Time:  6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Fee:    8 week series $300


This class is designed to support adults who are interested in learning alternative approaches to improving their vision.  This includes general eye health, reduction in blur, reduction in discomfort, increased acuity, improved eye teaming and healthier seeing.   We meet for 2 hours a week for 8 consecutive weeks.   

Each week will provide a deeper dive into healthier vision, clearer seeing, and relearning to see with more ease, and clarity.  You will receive instructions in the Bates Method and a Feldenkrais® lesson co-ordinated to support and deepen the Bates lesson of the week.   I will also be drawing on the Sounder Sleep System™, mindfulness meditation and other techniques as necessary to support your ongoing progress to clearer seeing.

This is a small group class taught on ZOOM.  There will be plenty of individual attention to ensure you are understanding the instructions, finding the best way to practice and to fit this into your life as well as relaxing and enjoying the process as much as possible while getting the most out of the course.   It is designed to have you spending the maximum amount of time improving your vision and the minimum amount of time staring at your screen! 


If you are contemplating taking this course it’s important to know that the Bates Method is not a series of exercises.  It is not 'gym for your eyes'. 

The Bates Method is primarily a practice of awareness and of deepening your connection to how you are using your visual system, how you see, how you sense your world and take in information. 

You will learn specific techniques and you will learn how to pay attention to your vision, to notice how you are unconsciously using your eyes, brain, and nervous system in unhealthy patterns and how to relearn to use your vision in a healthier way.  This is work done from the inside out.  I give you significant tools, clear instruction in how to use them, coaching and support and you provide the follow-through, the practice.


In a Feldenkrais ATM lessons you are verbally lead through a series of gentle movements.   The movements are designed to tap into the neuroplasticity of your brain, allowing you to notice and to change long standing habitual patterns that are getting in the way of easy and effortless seeing.   

Your eyes not only see, they also organize the movement of your body.  There is a close connection between how you use your eyes, use your body, between how you move and how you see.  Changing how you move can facilitate a change in how you use your eyes and how you see.   Inversely, changing how you see can facilitate a change in how you move.  ATM lessons excel at supporting this kind of change.

When your posture and your breathing is tight and tense, your eyes will be tight and tense and your vision strained.   You evolve unconscious patterns of staring or freezing your vision.  ATM lessons are usually profoundly relaxing and as such will contribute to the dynamic relaxation necessary for lasting vision improvement.  As a positive side effect you may also experience less tension and/or reduced pain in the rest your body.

Each week you will receive a recording of the ATM so you can repeat the lesson if you wish.

More Information

If you would like a free phone consultation about your vision and an opportunity to ask questions about the classes call me 416-923-3893.  Let's talk.

Registration: Alexandra -  416-923-3893 or alexandra (at) awareness-matters.ca

It’s time you knew you have a choice about your vision!