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Take the next step to where you want to be in your life


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If any of these statements describe you Feldenkrais may be your next step.

Your movement is restricted

You experience discomfort or pain
You want to move freely and fluidly as you age
You want improved performance in any arena
You are having problems with balance
You have neurogical problems
You want renewed sense of pleasure in movement
You are interested in getting better
You believe your problems are inevitable because:
  • you've had them for a long time
  • you've been in an accident
  • you're getting older
  • you were always kind of stiff
  • you have a medical diagnosis
  • someone in your family had this problem

This work helps people with a wide variety of diagnosis, symptoms and goals because it is working with the learning capacity of the brain.  Regardless of your age or ability to function in any field you can learn to do what you want to do, then you can make it easier, more fluid and plearuable.   That is your inheritance as a human being.


For these private lessons the student wears comfortable clothing and sits or lies on a low table.  The practitioner communicates through gentle, dynamic touch to alter habitual patterns and provide new information directly to the brain through the neuromuscular system. Sessions are profoundly relaxing and clients usually experience an immediate increase in their understanding of function.



Want to know if it will really work for you? 

The best way to find out is to come for an assessment.  This starts with a phone consultation and then a private session which inlcudes a hands-on session and an assessment of:

  1. Your needs and goals
  2. How Feldenkrais can help you
  3. Action plan to reach your goals
  4. Am I the right practitioner for you?


These lessons are usually done lying down in a safe space where you are focused on your own internal process.

The class begins with a period of transition, turing inward to your own physical sensation.

Movements are verbally introduced and you work at your own pace finding each movement .

The lesson is built in a series of steps which become more complex as the lessons continues.

What may seem challenging in the beginning is easier at the end. 

By paying attention to your own responses, and sensations you learn to release old habits and retrain your nervous system for ease of movement.

At the end there is time to notice changes.

Classes are kept small offering individual attention, optimum learning and enjoyment. 


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Seeing & Movement - Explore the connections - Improve your vision!

There is a profoundly intimate connection between the patterns of fixation in the visual system and the patterns held in the body.  This is the best method I have found to explore the connections and to improve both vision and movement.

I offer a series of Awareness Through Movement Lessons specifically for working with the eyes and the rest of you.   To see schedule click here.


People often say "I know Feldenkrais works, but how does it work?"

In this method you use your awareness of thinking, feeling and moving to improve your capacity to function in your body, and in your life.  This work allows you to enter into a different mode of learning. 

You are not asked to memorize or automatically repeat movements but to engage in a continuous sensory exploration using variations on specific movement patterns.  

The focus is on doing only what is comfotable, easy and pleasurable.  When you reduce strain and stress your sensitivity increases.  It can seem like a pradox because some of the movement lessons are quite complex and it can feel  at the beginning like they are impossible to do.  However, by staying with these principles learning happens and what was impossible becomes possible, then easy, then elegant.  

The movements are broken down into their compontent parts through a number of variations.  The variation wakes up the brain and keeps your interest.

The introduction of new information into the brain allows for choice.  You are no longer  limited to the same old patterns.  As you open to new patterns  things which were hard become easier and you may feel a renewed sense of pleasure in movement whether in basic life functions, creative activities or other movement programs.

Developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, a physicist and engineer, this work is validated by current research on brain plasticity.  To read his biography or find out more about the history of this work visit the Feldenkrais Guild at www.feldenkrais.com.