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Were you taught to believe that your eyesight cannot improve without the aid of glasses or surgery?  This has not been my experience.   Although it is not well known, there is a very effective educational method for improving refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism) and increasing general eye health.  When people first hear this they often ask the same questions:

Does it really work?

Yes.  It is possible to stop deterioration, reduce your prescription or get rid of your glasses altogether.

My vision is really low and I have astigmatism, will it work for me too?


Even if I have been wearing glasses for decades?


Is it an exercise program?

Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) is an educational process.  Although seeing happens through the eyes, the images are generated in the brain.  The challenge is how to relax, rebalance and strengthen both the brain/mind and the eyes.  The eyes are intimately connected to the nervous system and the functioning of the rest of the body so essentially seeing involves all of you.  The process involves:

  1. Learning about vision, how it works and what causes it to become unclear.
  2. Experiencing that the principals of NVI are really true, that you can see more clearly - this often happens in the first appointment or workshop.  
  3. Learn how you are habitually using your visual system in a stressful way and what to do to change your current vision habits to see more clearly.

The work involves learning how to let go of stress, bringing balance to your visual system and to your life.  You will learn basic principles regarding how to best go about  looking at vision and change, activities and exercises, and choose what works best for you and how to integrate these changes into your daily life.

Why haven't I heard of this before, is it new?

No, it’s not new.  The work is rooted in The Bates Method, developed by Dr W. H. Bates in the 1920s.

Will I have to do it every day and how long will it take?

It’s a tricky question, because stress causes vision problems you don’t want to approach it in a way the causes stress.  It is best to design a program that is easy and pleasurable for you.  Essentially vision is not something that happens, it is something you do.  It is your way of seeing, your vision habits that need to change.  The less effort and more pleasurable the process is the more effective it will be.

Should I continue to see my eye Doctor?

This is not a medical procedure it in no way replaces regular check ups with your eye specialist.  If necessary it is recommended that you work in conjunction with an optometrist to make sure you have the transitional prescription which is best for you.

Does it work with children?

Yes.  With infants and young children the parents also learn the work so they can continue the program at home.   With older children the child can learn and practice themselves with the support of the parent.

What is Feldenkrais and Vision

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What are my learning options?

Private Sessions
Private session are 1½  hours in length and scheduled by appointment.

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