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Integrating the teaching of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel and Dr. Chava Shelhav I work with children with special needs or developmental delays and their parents to create a potent, successful program of creative, continuous development.  This work is effective for children of all ages and particularly for infants who are beginning therapy.

Because it works with the plasticity of the brain this method is successful with babies and children with diverse developmental issues and diagnosis including: Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and stroke, delayed development, hypotonia, Autism, Genetic disorders, and a range of others.


  • This work is successful in helping babies and children to open to new possibilities and to move beyond their current limitations to function at a higher level.
  • Movement is intimately connected to the other areas of development, so children usually experience positive changes emotionally, socially and mentally as well as physically.
  • This gentle hands-on work uses innovative techniques to help your child’s brain form new neural connections and patterns,  and it is pain free.
  • It works with your child to maximize his/her potential through movement and touch, which maps sensation in the brain.


Parental involvement is at the heart of this method and is an essentilal component of its success.

Parents and caregivers can enjoy learning new skills including hands-on instructive touch to develop  proprioception;  the sense of the position and movement of one's body.  The work can then be carried on at home during playtime.



This work is practiced with a deep respect for the wholeness of each child and their right to learn and grow at their own pace. 

This means both that the child is not pushed to perform beyond their ability and that they are offered the necessary input to take their next step.


Dear Skydancer,

Thank you a lot for making our life better and introducing us to "Feldenkrais" method.
We took 20 sessions of "Feldenkrais" for my daughter with Skydancer.
After 4 sessions she has started kissing and hugging me for a first time for 2.5 years.

She started asking for what she wants by using her words instead of screaming.

Finally, she started to SLEEP at night!!!!!

On a 7th session Skydancer got an eye contact and my daughter told her that she Loves her!

After 10 sessions other therapists and teachers started noticing changes in her walking and we stopped using an AOF braces.

We did 10 sessions more and I found difference in her level of hyper activities and she started playing with toys for a short period of time.

My Yasna is 2.5 years old born Extreme Primee at 24 weeks with a low birth weight.

She was diagnosed with: Cerebral Palsy, Visual impairment, Mild hearing loss, Chronic Lung Disease still on low flow oxygen, Kidney Stones, Global Developmental Delay and more.

                                                                                                        Tanya, Artist and Mom


“…My husband and I were very sceptical to say the least.  We are both engineers and we are both very practical ‘by the book’ type people.  My motherly instincts kicked in and I decided I wanted to do everything I possibly could for my little girl, even if it seemed somewhat unconventional.  It couldn’t hurt, and if it worked, the extra money wouldn’t mean a thing when I weigh it against the well being of my daughter.  We took Natasha to Skydancer when she was approximately 15 months old last year. 

After a few visits, we noticed a change in Natasha.  It wasn’t just a small change, but the changes were quite dramatic.  After a few visits Natasha seemed quite a bit more alert and communicative.  A few more visits later and she was starting to crawl.  The conventional therapist had been working with her for about a year at this point, and she just could not get her to stay on her tummy for very long.  I was hooked.

We credit Skydancer and her methods for the amazing progress that Natasha has made.  She has done so well, that she may not need any further therapy by the time she turns two.  I could not recommend Skydancer enough to parents that have children with developmental delays.  It is worth the time and money spent.”

Rose DeSantis